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Senior SEO Manager


Spain / Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Marketing/PR/Product Mktg
  • Industry: Life Science
  • Post Date: 06/20/2024
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Napoli, Italy
  • Salary Range: $50,000 - $150,000

About Unobravo

Developer of online psychotherapy platform intended to provide psychological support from anywhere, at any time. The company's platform offers an online questionnaire and then assigned to the psychologist most suitable for the relevant problem, thereby providing users with a reliable and trusted psychologist that can cater to their life problems.

Job Description

About the job

Leading the way in digital mental healthcare, Unobravo stands as a trusted and empathetic ally in people's lives, caring for their mental health and supporting their personal growth. From the very beginning, our daily mission has been to revolutionize society's perception of mental health by breaking down the stigma surrounding it.


At the core of Unobravo's success is our exceptional team, committed to providing accessible, high-level care anytime, anywhere. With more than 2 million therapy sessions, we have positively impacted countless lives, promoting psychological well-being and helping individuals overcome life's challenges.


Unobravo's journey is heating up as we are actively expanding across Europe. We're bringing our game-changing approach to diverse markets, gearing up to challenge and transform global perspectives on mental health. This expansion marks a thrilling chapter in reshaping the world's view of mental wellness.


Join our Team Marketing as a Senior SEO Manager specializing in Onsite and Tech Optimization. We are seeking a seasoned professional with a proven track record in elevating website visibility and performance through advanced onsite, technical, and offsite SEO strategies. If you have a deep understanding of SEO dynamics, a minimum of 8+ years of experience, and a passion for driving substantial organic growth, we want to hear from you.




  • Drive new customer growth: conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords, trends, and content optimization opportunities; lead SEO content strategy to improve search engine rankings and enhance user experience; implement internal linking strategies to optimize structure and enhance user navigation; strategically analyze the market and industry landscape to identify growth opportunities and increase website authority.
  • Supervise the international growth: spearhead initiatives for international growth, tailoring SEO strategies to diverse markets and ensuring the website's global visibility.
  • Deliver insights about organic performance: produce detailed SEO reports for continuous improvement; monitor changes in Google algorithm and measure the eventual impact; monitor competitor strategies and industry trends to refine our SEO approach proactively.
  • Initiate and oversee testing strategies: lead testing initiatives to refine and optimize SEO strategies, remaining agile in response to algorithm changes and industry developments.
  • Prioritize work streams and workload: ensure optimal efficiency in implementing SEO strategies and initiatives.




  • A minimum of 8+ years of experience in SEO management
  • Expertise in Onsite and Technical SEO to improve search rankings and user experience. In-depth knowledge of technical SEO, including crawl optimization and site architecture, with a track record of resolving complex technical issues. Proven ability to supervise and coordinate offsite SEO strategies.
  • Successful management of the organic positioning of multilingual websites.
  • Strong analytical skills, showcasing extensive experience in utilizing advanced SEO tools and analytics platforms for comprehensive keyword research, deriving actionable insights, tracking key performance indicators, and guiding strategic decisions.
  • Exceptional Communication skills to articulate complex SEO concepts clearly and collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams. Your adept communication will be instrumental in leading and driving successful SEO initiatives.
  • Proven experience to effectively coordinate and collaborate with cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative environment for successful execution of SEO initiatives.




🌍 Remote-Working at the Top

Join a team that embraces the future of work and takes the well-being of its people seriously. We support a healthy work-life balance with a smart approach that allows you to work from anywhere that suits your lifestyle and choices.


🏒 Coworking Meetings

Break free from the ordinary and push all boundaries! Unobravo has dedicated a special budget to encourage global teamwork, in order to enable employees and collaborators to meet in coworking spaces in many many cities around the world.


πŸ• Ticket Restaurant

Take advantage of €8 per working day with our Ticket Restaurant benefit. Satisfy your taste buds and explore culinary adventures every day!


🌱 Business Growth on the Horizon

Step into a work environment that's in constant motion, always growing, and ever-evolving. Be part of a company that's on the rise!


🧘‍♂️ Online Yoga and Fitness Fun

We're invested in your physical and mental wellness. Join our free online yoga and fitness classes to stay in shape and find your zen.


πŸ’†‍♂️ Discounts on Psychotherapy Sessions

Your mental health is a top priority at Unobravo! Enjoy discounts dedicated only to our employees on psychotherapy sessions with our professionals to get the support you need.


πŸŽ‰ Team Building and Epic Events

Get ready for extraordinary adventures! Dive into thrilling team-building activities and attend our fabulous corporate events and nationwide aperitivo parties that will keep you buzzing with excitement!


🀝 Company Conventions and Valuable Partnerships

Discover a world of incredible opportunities and exclusive benefits through our B2B conventions and partnerships. Your gateway to extraordinary advantages!


πŸ€“ Expand your Mind and Linguistic Repertoire

Make your way through our training and language courses, it's the perfect time to unleash your curiosity and give yourself a gift of personal growth. We have a world of opportunities and a secret language for success in store for you!


πŸŽ‚ Birthday Off

Celebrating the passing of time is also fun at Unobravo! In fact, all employees can enjoy a day off spendable month of your birthday.


πŸ‘Ά New Parenthood Perks

Embarking on the journey of parenthood with us comes with special privileges! Following the arrival of your little one, we contribute an additional 500 Euros to our welfare platform in the month that follows, celebrating the joy of new life.


😴 Sleep Consulting: Online Seminars on Infant Sleep

Dive into the exclusive seminars that we offer, providing a distinctive chance to enhance the sleep quality of your precious little angels.



✨ Are you ready to make a difference with us? ✨


At Unobravo, we strive every day to create an inclusive work environment based on deep mutual respect and equal opportunity. Our mission, our deepest purpose, is to ensure that each person, with their individual qualities, is recognized and valued. We want to promote the well-being of everyone who is part of our reality.

We know that everyone brings with them a unique set of experiences, skills and challenges. For this very reason, even if you may not have all of the technical skills required, if your work history does not seem perfectly aligned with what we seek, or if you belong to protected categories, we sincerely ask that you still consider the opportunity.

We understand that many people, for different reasons, may need additional support to apply or to participate fairly in our interview process. If you require reasonable accommodation, whatever it may be, to make the process more accessible, please indicate this in the last question of the application form. We will do everything we can to ensure you have a fair and smooth application process.

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