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Back End Developer

Vita Meals

Italy / Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Foodtech
  • Post Date: 04/11/2024
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Viale Cassala, 30, Milan, Lombardy 20143, IT
  • Salary Range: $50,000 - $150,000

About Vita Meals

Thanks to science, tech and advanced A.I., Vita Meals is the first company that makes fitness and well-being goals more effective and easier to reach by creating personalized plans of tailor-made nutrition, sport and health.

Job Description

About Vita

Vita is a health tech startup dedicated to improving well-being through personalized nutrition and fitness plans. We analyze individual characteristics to create customized dietary and workout paths, supported by dedicated nutritionists and trainers available via chat. Our unique service includes the delivery of personalized meals throughout Italy, all managed through a single easy-to-use app.


Role Description

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Back End Developer to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Node.js development and extensive experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front end. You will also be involved in integrating the front-end elements built by your coworkers into the application, so a basic understanding of front-end technologies is necessary.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement scalable, high-performance, and secure back-end services and APIs.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code in Node.js.
  • Work closely with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements using server-side logic.
  • Manage and optimize server-side applications for speed and scalability.
  • Implement security and data protection measures.
  • Design and implement data storage solutions, integrating with AWS services such as DynamoDB, RDS, S3, and others as needed.
  • Collaborate with the team to identify and fix bottlenecks and bugs, and improve application performance.
  • Participate in code reviews to maintain high-quality code standards.
  • Stay informed of new technologies and update features to enhance application functionality.
  • Develop documentation and assist in setting development standards in collaboration with other team members.



  • Proven work experience as a Back End Developer or similar role, with a strong portfolio of projects in Node.js.
  • Solid experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and familiarity with AWS management and deployment tools.
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including ES6+ syntax.
  • Knowledge of Node.js frameworks (e.g., Express, Koa, Hapi).
  • Experience with databases (e.g., MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and data modeling.
  • Understanding of server-side templating languages and CSS preprocessors.
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
  • Familiarity with front-end languages (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like Angular, React) is a plus.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think algorithmically.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.


What we offer


  • Inspirational Mission. Vita has the potential to transform humanity's relationship with well-being and positively impact the lives of many people. By embracing our mission, you become part of an exciting and ambitious journey.
  • Accelerated Learning. Joining a rapidly growing startup with the goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the wellness industry, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your learning and career prospects.
  • A One-of-a-Kind Team. We hire talent by leaving the ego at the door. You will find a tribe of truly talented colleagues, eager to teach their secrets and learn. Mutual support and respect are everything: you will hardly meet a more harmonious group. Your talent will flourish here.
  • Trust and Freedom. From the moment you start, you are part of the team and are given full trust. You will have a lot of freedom and opportunities to express yourself at your best.
  • Competitive Salary. The initial package, for someone with moderate experience and great growth potential, includes a competitive salary and various benefits.

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