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The Portal

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: AR/VR
  • Post Date: 04/10/2024
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Via della Misericordia, 32, 76121 Barletta BT, Italy

About The Portal

We create wireless virtual reality experiences in which multiple people can move freely at the same time as in real life. From our studio we design, develop and provide consultancy to market gaming and edutainment experiences and monetize exclusive locations. We carry out commercial projects and affiliations.

Job Description

The Portal is a technology company aimed at developing experiences in VR / AR, we have a VR development studio inside.

Have you worked on 3D games in Unity? Are you a C # programmer excited about working on new projects? Do you feel comfortable facing challenges and managing difficulties?
Our team is looking for people to create new virtual reality games.

As part of a small team, you will work on a large assortment of activities. The challenges include the creation of tools, the addition of new features, the creation of new game mechanics, the extension of existing mechanics, the integration and creation of network tools, obviously always with an eye to performance.
You will have to create C # scripts in Visual Studio, but if necessary you will have to use additional languages, c ++, java, python, php.

● Create new VR games
• develop clients and servers of our new Unity / C # based VR games
● Improve the architecture
• Continuously optimize and refine our platform and games based on new technologies
● Collaborate with experts
• Interact in close contact with different departments (Art, Game Design, Backend) to create the best experience for our users
● Find technical solutions
• Create tools and workflows to optimize the interdisciplinary work of the various teams
● Create functioning products
•Ensure that the developed components are functional and well integrated with the rest of the platform.
● Thinking outside the box
• Our culture is based on sharing ideas and we encourage every member of the teams to propose solutions and improvements

● Experience with Unity and its components
● Expertise with C #
● Work comfortably with new APIs and concepts as the industry is constantly evolving.
● Ability to adapt to challenges through self-learning and experimentation
● Time management, being able to estimate implementation time
● Good written and oral communication in English
● Passion for games and virtual reality

● Have finished and marketed at least one game
● Have participated in game jam
● Experience with Unity's Rendering Pipeline (especially with URP)
● Experience with HLSL and / or Shader Graph
● You delight in the dark and mysterious technical arts. Maybe you know how to create cool shaders / particle systems / VFX graphics, or do cool procedurally generated things.
● Degree in a related field (computer science, mathematics, etc.)

● Link to any Unity project you have worked on and what you have contributed to.
● Videos, GIFs, JPEGs of your best and juiciest work.
● Links / media of projects you have done just for fun / learning ( page, a downloadable build, etc.).

Work with really great people on really great games that will be seen and played all over the world!

● Send your resume / CV directly to EMAIL.
● You will receive an answer from us to confirm receipt and another later to let you know if you have reached Phase 2.
● Phase 2 will be a simple screening interview with 1-2 people from the company to meet / video chat, get context about your experience and goals and whether our needs align.
● Phase 3 will be a programming test, if we think it makes sense.
● Phase 4 will be a deeper and more technical interview and an opportunity to meet more team members and get to know each other better.
● Next, you will receive a job offer or feedback from us to help you successfully apply in the future.

The Portal is a new and growing company.
Physical location: Barletta (BT), ITALY
Position: remote location
Types of work: full-time fixed term

We'll help you set up your perfect workspace at home.
Work remotely for as long as you want! Although the main team is based in Barletta (Puglia, Italy) we are all working remotely at the moment, but it is necessary that you have the possibility to work in the parent company if necessary.

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