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Spaceflight Operations Engineer


Como, IT
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Hardware
  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Post Date: 06/23/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Viale Risorgimento, 57, Fino Mornasco, Como 22073, IT

About D-Orbit

Developer of a decommissioning device designed to dispose of satellites at the end of their lifespan. The company's decommissioning devices can be installed on any satellites and launchers' stages and are able to quickly and safely remove them from orbit in a controlled manner and ensuring a cleaner space, enabling space organizations to reduce the effort of electric satellite platform during the critical first phase of orbit raising, increasing the overall satellite reliability.

Job Description

D-Orbit is a market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry, committed to helping companies profitably and sustainably maximise opportunities to do business in space.

Founded in 2011, D-Orbit has successfully developed proprietary space logistics technology and transportation solutions that will accelerate the development and growth of a trillion-dollar space economy, including human expansion into space.


Role and Responsibilities:


We are hiring a Spaceflight Operations Engineer to join our growing team. You play an integral role in commanding and controlling our fleet of carriers, reconnaissance and servicing vessels.


You will be conducting end-to-end mission operations from design to execution, from launch to final deorbiting. This incredibly rewarding role will see you supporting top-level design, starting with defining mission and payload requirements. Producing detailed operation requirements and design definitions. You will be interfacing with all subsystems and software teams to define use cases for on-ground and on-orbit operations. As part of this role, you will support the integration of ground systems with the space segment, on-orbit operation procedure definitions and verification, on-orbit operation planning, scheduling and execution throughout missions. In addition, you will be involved in the authoring of technical documents, assisting with anomaly identification and resolution, and flight dynamics maintenance and manoeuvre planning.


This is a varied role that requires someone with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Due to the unique nature of the position, you will be working outside of normal office working hours when required.


The location of this role is flexible and applicants can be considered from both Portugal and Italy on a remote basis.


Required Experience:

  • System engineering (Orbital and Attitude Dynamics)
  • Spaceflight operations
  • Programming with Python and experience with flight dynamics tooling (Orekit, GMAT)
  • Ground segment architectures


Nice to haves:

  • Experience in AIV processes
  • Knowledge of spaceflight dynamics and manoeuvre planning
  • Familiarity with On-Board Control Procedure concepts



Advanced University Degree (Master’s or equivalent) preferably in Aerospace/Space Engineering.



This role requires professional proficiency in English.


*If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. Even if you don’t possess all of the required experience for this, we have a number of upcoming roles that could be suitable for you in the future.

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