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AI project manager, Intern


Milan, IT
  • Job Type: Intern
  • Function: Intern
  • Industry: AI
  • Post Date: 10/14/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Via Torino, 61, Milano, Lombardia , IT, 20123

About Indigo is a full-service conversational AI studio, busy designing and building beautiful chatbots, language technologies and conversational experiences.

Job Description is on a mission to enhance communication between people and businesses. We developed an artificial intelligence platform that uses chatbots and machine learning to automate conversations between businesses and customers via chat.

Over 1 million messages have been managed by our technology in a variety of industries: banking, pharmaceutical, publishing, luxury and many more. We’re looking for people to help us distribute our technology all across the globe.

We need a one-of-a-kind problem solver who can deeply empathise with people's needs, come up with unique solutions and help us create engaging experiences that replace the current frustrations with delight.

Being at a tech startup working in Artificial intelligence means that:

  • Take a peek inside A.I.
    You'll work with one of the most challenging and fast-growing technologies of these years. You’ll learn a lot about A.I. and how to make the most of it in order to provide great experiences.
  • Language is the first interface
    Acquire expertise in Conversational Interfaces, one of the most interesting upcoming trends in design.
  • Never get bored
    We're a small team. That means that you'll get the point of view of everyone in the room and you'll participate in different decision-making processes, from marketing to business.
  • Learn how to build stuff
    No matter your previous background we're sure that you'll develop some muscles with us. Building a real digital product for thousands of people and tackle business, design, tech and marketing problems will be a pretty good gym for your skills.

Now, this position is for an AI project manager. Let's see what that means:As a project manager, you will use every tool at your disposal to learn how to build an amazing virtual assistant, coordinating projects and schedules, tracking their progress and reporting their results. Depending on the case, this might be representing the image of the company to the eyes of some of the most innovative businesses in the world, designing tailored presentations for our clients and prospects, getting to minute-level perfection in a schedule, sitting side-by-side with engineers, developers and designer during each stage of the projects. You will work on a variety of projects, from conceptual and practical point of views.

Being a tech startup working in Artificial intelligence – one of the most challenging and fast growing technology of these years – means that you’ll learn a lot about A.I. and acquire expertise in Conversational Interfaces, one of the most interesting upcoming tech trends.

How to be a solid match for this position:

  • You know your way with project management and you stay always updated about recent tech trends.
  • You understand that problems are a project manager's daily bread and you thrive when scheduling and prioritizing activities and team's workload to solve them.
  • You don't like to stay blind and you take into consideration business requirements and concrete development implications of your choices.
  • You like to discuss your ideas and, above all, explain them.
  • The extra bit: you're passionate about Artificial Intelligence and understand how much it can change the world.

Now, head to Life at to learn more about us and get an idea if we'll like each other!

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